Italian sportswear collection. Founded in 1982, Stone Island's mission has always revolved around the concept of detailed research and manipulation of textiles. The result is a constantly evolving collection of high-tech garments that fit into the wearer's everyday life. Unique waterproofing techniques, reflective thermal linings, and stainless steel coatings are just a few of the breakthrough innovations that are hallmarks of the brand. Yet through cutting edge garment dyeing processes and an eye towards classic Italian sportswear, Stone Island presents clothing with an organic look and feel. 

Shadow Project

Technical sportswear collection collaboration between Stone Island and ACRONYM. Both Stone Island and ACRONYM are know for bringing technical innovation to the world of apparel--albeit, with different aesthetics. In 2008, the two like minded brands decided to collaborate under the umbrella of Shadow Project. The concept has allowed the team at ACRONYM, known for their aggressively innovative technical designs, to explore Stone Island's substantial archives of classically styled clothing with the goal of inventing a system based program for a new generation of urban masculine apparel.

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