Jesse Lirola shoots musician, Tom Krell in  Sage de Cret, Kuro, and Suicoke



Not long after we first opened MEYVN a tall, thin guy with tousled dark hair, sporting some limited Nikes, round spectacles and an Our Legacy shirt entered the shop. His style was understated, but to a trained eye, exemplified a knowledge and interest in men’s clothing/fashion/whatever the hell this thing is that I, and so many others have made part of our lives. What I’m saying is, he looked like a potential customer.



I started showing him around the shop, breaking down all the brands, designers, and philosophical choices we make at MEYVN with my typical mix of nerdy enthusiasm and tangential sense of humor. Basically, I did what I usually do when I sense someone is genuinely interested in what we do. But something was different. This guy was grilling me— bluntly asking me about different obscure and cutting edge designers and brands, really putting my knowledge to the test.


So, I did what I do and inevitably demonstrated MEYVN’s credentials to this guy, who at this point in the story I've discovered is named Tom. I ask Tom if he’s in fashion. He tells me he’s a musician and now it’s my turn to be cynical. Let me guess: he’s in a mediocre band—or, even more likely, a bedroom producer with a Soundcloud page. Everybody’s a “musician” these days. Thanks Garageband.


When he told me he had a project called, How To Dress Well I was a little surprised. Not because the name was apropos of the situation we found ourselves in, although it obviously was, but because at least one of his songs had played on our playlist during our conversation. In the same manner Tom wasn’t expecting to find a store he genuinely liked in his Chicago neighborhood, I wasn’t expecting to meet a musician I honestly listened to.

 From that point forward, Tom and I were friends.





When Jesse Lirola, the photographer on this shoot, approached me about collaborating on something, having Tom model just made sense. Jesse is an insanely talented photographer who’s known for his backstage and portrait work of musicians. He had worked with Tom in the past and after a few emails, everyone was on board.

 We at MEYVN are beyond excited that we’re able to create content with some incredibly talented people, but even more importantly, we’re blessed that we get to consider people like Tom and Jesse part of the MEYVN family.

- Noah


I’m not here to write about Tom’s music, although I’ll link to some of it at the bottom. There are plenty of articles and reviews that do his art far more justice than I ever could. What I will say is that Tom is a down to earth guy who will show me his favorite hip-hop memes, talk shit on a basketball court, and occasionally discuss nihilistic philosophy, which is the focus of his work as a PHD candidate at DePaul. Tom’s incredibly opinionated and unapologetic about his tastes, but is never closed-minded. He’s always excited to talk about anything from Jamaican dub producers, to 90’s pop and R&B, to Russell Westbrook, to race issues in America, to the merits of just needing a Big Mac. At the end of the day, Tom’s a pensive artist, who somehow manages to come across as just one of the guys.